Summer Tsundoku

As Wikipedia will explain, Tsundoku is a Japanese expression for acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them. And here's a very small part of my unread library.

Strictly speaking the book on top (All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr) is part of my Ballycumber (which, according to Douglas Adams in The Meaning of Liff, is one of the six unread books somewhere around your bed) but the rest have been untouched on my bookshelf for a long time.

However, it's almost time for the one week of the year my girlfriends and I are free from interruptions of domestic life and work - we take a week to relax and recharge. What better place to reduce my Tsundoku in a week long book binge, than on the beach, under an umbrella to protect me from the Greek sunshine, with cold drinks and food delivered to my sunbed on demand?

So I am off to pack my beach bag!

As well as finishing All The Light We Cannot See I'll be reading:

Frost in May by Antonia White

Room by Emma Donaghue

This Must Be The Place by Maggie O'Farrell

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Wake by Anna Hope

And then of course there's

My Husband's Lies by Caroline England

which is sitting on my eReader ..... come to think of it my Tsundoku is a lot larger than I thought. Virtual bookshelves are crammed with novels bought but, as yet unread and my pre-orders for summer releases like Katherine Debona's Love Me, Love Me Not, Asia Mackay's Killing It and Laura Marshall's Three Little Lies will add to the list almost as fast as I can diminish it.

Good job I am a librocubicularist (one who reads in bed) because there aren't enough hours in the day!

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