What's in a name?

A lot of authors talk allegorically about 'giving birth' and 'killing their darlings' in the process of developing a book so in keeping with that theme I wanted to share these thoughts.

The whole time I carried my first child, his father and I referred to him as Eric. I don't remember why, possibly some Monty Python references to Eric the Half a Bee - (half a bee, philosophically must, ipso facto, half not be).... and then when he arrived he was given the name which he's lived with, relatively happily, ever since.

Now the gestation period for Hellingly has passed, you could say the months (years!) of labour have resulted in a live birth. It's whole and complete with a beginning, a middle and an ending, themes, messages, settings, characters, plot. But like Eric before, the name doesn't suit it now it's here.

So, this is to announce the arrival of 'Lacking Grace' - or the first version anyway. As we all know, a completed manuscript is still a helpless thing which will need close review, attention until it is deemed ready to face the world at large so the work is not quite over but I have time now to consider my next creation.

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