Write Club, The Podcast

I am a podcast addict. For those that don't know podcasts are like radio shows except they aren't broadcast in the traditional sense, They are left on the internet for people to download to a phone or tablet at their leisure and listen to when they want to. Most of my favourite radio shows are released as podcasts and I subscribe to lots of others made by groups or individuals who have something interesting to say.

A couple of months ago I went looking for a podcast for writers. I found a few but none with the kind of format I'd hoped and most of the voices were American. (Not that I have any problem with American voices but I was surprised there were no Brits podcasting about writing or being a writer.)

Like lots of others aspiring writers, I am a member of a writing group and a book club. My writing buddies and I call ourselves 'Write Club' and meet once a fortnight. We do free writes and other exercises to limber our writing muscles, we share our "Work In Progress" with one another, give feedback and critique. Everyone comes to the meetings with tips and articles from books and magazines. Overall we encourage and support one another to be the best writers we can be.

The short story is, when I complained to my Write Club buddies about the dearth of writerly podcasts we decided we should make our own and that's how Write Club The Podcast was conceived.

So here's a link to the first episode by way of a sneak preview as our official launch day is Monday 4th December when episodes one to three should hit the virtual shelves of the library in the sky.

We're the first to admit we may not have BBC Radio 4 production values yet but we are passionate about writing and reading. We hope we can gather writers and readers everywhere around the globe to join Write Club, to contribute, to participate. We have a Facebook Group - just go onto Facebook and search for Write Club The Podcast. I hope to see you there !

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