Back to School?

Is anyone out there wondering where I am? Did you think perhaps I'd gone "off grid" (and off wifi) for a summer holiday?

The truth is, I've had a barren period where writing is concerned. Everything seemed to conspire against me or get in the way of writing - certainly my word count hasn't moved far in the past couple of months. September has always felt like a good month to start on new projects (or put renewed effort into old ones). I think of it as the "back to school effect", the lazy days of summer holidays are over and we give ourselves a little shake and refocus. At least, that is what I hope will happen next week when I return to Greece and the summer visitors are drifting away.

The policemen who have been busy enforcing the no parking zone at the beach will be able to sit for a while, sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes, waving to friends who whizz past on scooters, bare headed and in flipflops. The figs will start to fall and the pomegranates will ripen, the sun will set earlier and my days will be more productive.

At least, that's how I hope it will be.

I read an article by author, Bernard MacLaverty on challenge of getting down to work. (Click on the picture to link to it.)

He says, "I don’t write fiction every day but I generally write something – diary, emails, notes towards something."

That's a good tip and on that basis this blog post is, at least, writing isn't it?

Mr MacLaverty also quoted Isak Dinesen's advice to “write a little every day, without hope and without despair”.

If only it were that easy!

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