Busy Doing Nothing

Writing is all about writing and some days we do anything to avoid it. Making tea is a big one for me. Checking emails, bank statements and budgets pass happy hours too. Research is the death of productivity, I just never seem to know when enough is enough.

I was writing a passage about a woman cleaning a shared outside toilet in readiness from a visit from someone she wanted to impress. Of course it was only right I should check the authenticity of the image I was trying to portray but several hours later realised I had researched, not only the mechanics of a 1900's outside lavatory but also the physics of the ballcock and flush, the u bend and most that goes in between. Interesting but hardly over dinner conversation and of little use to my writing since my protagonist had other things on her mind than how the damn thing worked.

Eimear McBride gave us a wonderful glimpse of her own distraction techniques in this Guardian article from last Saturday. You may find you recognise many.

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