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The written word has been a constant friend.

From the moment I could write I was a scribbler: stories, plays, letters and lists. Even today,  I love a list, nothing comforts me more and I have covered acres of paper with them.  I had a vague idea I'd like to be a journalist but that idea fell by the wayside when I was asked to leave school shortly before I took my O-levels.  So I built a career in sales & marketing and raised a family while dabbling in poetry and short stories to satisfy the itch to write.  The events of every holiday were recorded in a diary so I could keep the memories fresh and intact. 

And with writing goes reading: I love the feel of books, the muted sounds of libraries and the smell of a secondhand bookshop.  My Kindle has become a companion in recent years:  it is so easy to get a book instantly and to make notes and highlight the parts I want to revisit or remember.  I tend to read on the recommendation of others and, if I like an author, I'll gorge myself on everything they ever wrote.  

Now I am fortunate to spend part of the year in the Mani on the Greek mainland so I have finally found the time to devote to my first love. I decided to get serious and, as well as memoir writing and short stories, I am working on my first full length novel.

I hope you will enjoy my virtual scribbling and get involved, comment on my blog and give me your reading recommendations too.

Best wishes